IBMS – Institute of Business & Management Sciences – Geneva, Switzerland.

Admission & Fee

The IBMS Fee Structure and admission procedure with IBMS application forms in English and French.  

  1. Complete application form (duly filled, signed and Attested)
  2. Copy of degree (diploma and grades)
  3. Application fee of SFr 150
  4. Bank Certificate (Certifying the Solvency)
  5. 3 Passport size Photos
  6. Copy of Passport or ID card
  7. English Language Certificate, IELTS / TOEFL

Fee payable on registration:

  • Undergraduate: ( BBA 3 years program) 13900 SFr / Annum
  • Graduate: MBA-EMBA- Flexi MBA 19900 SFr / Annum
  • TTH Advance Diploma: Fee SFr 10000 / Annum
  • TTH Diploma (6 months program) fee will be SFr 6500 per 6 months program with professional training.

Accounting Professional Diploma program

4 month’s diploma course for accounting professionals: SFr 5600 for full package include exams and professional assignments.

Administration Charges:

  • Application Fee: SFr 150 (Non–refundable)
  • Admission Fee:  SFr 500 (Non–refundable)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  After completing the full programs Student will pay the following administrative charges:

  • The degree and transcripts admin preparations fee will be SFr 1500/ for MBA – EMBA’s and SFr 1000 for BBA and TTH Diplomas.
  • All degrees and transcripts will be issued after the completion of the programs to successful candidates.

Payment Information:

Association IBMS- Institute of Business and Management Science (IBMS)
36 rue du 31 December 1207 Genève – Switzerland


Account Number: 10-745129-5 CHF

IBAN:  CH 28 0900 0000 10745129 5

Bank Address:  SWISSPOST, Post Finance

NORDRING 8, CH-3030 Berne – Switzerland

IBMS’s Fee Advantage to Students

Our low cost fee structure is extremely pocket friendly, allowing students to receive professional and high quality education without any limitations. IBMS’s cost-effective fee structure enables you to fulfill your academic dream, acquire academic qualification and move up the career ladder in the Business world. Institute of Business and Management Sciences in Geneva, has instigated a new era of highly affordable Class Rooms and online education system, which is accessible by all.

The Institute of Business and Management Sciences in Geneva, also offers a wide range of fee payment options, allowing students to enjoy their financial freedom. We offer scholarship to deserving students.

Online resources are easily accessible and career support services can be availed by students and alumni round the clock. Please contact IBMS administration for further information or any help.

We are happy to offer Swiss American Duel Degree Program in Geneva. A student visa is required to enroll in a course of study in Switzerland.

Passport Requirements

Original, signed passport plus two photocopies of passport information pages. Passport must be valid for 6 months beyond stay, with at least one blank passport page available for visa stamp(s). Amendment pages in the back of the passport are not suitable for visa stamps. Please note: You may submit photocopies of your passport to begin this process and send the original passport to Travisa at a later date to receive the visa stamp if you need to travel during the long processing time to obtain this visa.

Switzerland Visa Application Form

Three properly completed and signed student (type D) visa application forms. After placing your order, fill out the application forms included in your Visa Application Kit.

Photo Requirements

Four recent 2 x 2 passport size photographs, in color, front view and with a plain/white background.

Other Requirements
  • Two copies of confirmation/registration letter from the school or university in Switzerland.
  • Two copies of confirmation of payment of school tuition fees
  • A statement containing exact details of income and assets, with official proof and/or bank statements (2 copies each).
  • Two copies of previous diplomas and school certificates.
  • Two copies of a written confirmation that the applicant will leave Switzerland after he/she completes the chosen course study.
  • Two copies of a signed and dated resume (biographical data, schools attended, etc.).
  • Two copies of a brief essay on the applicant’s future plan.
In Person Appearance

The Swiss Consulate may require some applicants to make a personal appearance during the application process for this visa.

Visa Processing Time

Student visa application information will be forwarded for a decision to the competent cantonal foreign police where you intend to study. The Embassy or Consulate of Switzerland will only be able to issue the visa upon receipt of authorization from Switzerland. Once applications are filed the processing time is 12-14 weeks. It is required to make an appointment to file documents with the Consulate of Switzerland. Please contact us to schedule your appointment.

Application Form

Download application form (English) – DOWNLOAD

Download application form (French) – DOWNLOAD

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