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Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course is designed to cover every significant aspect of management, marketing, banking, law, accounting, finance, economics, and computer skills. Our courses are designed to give students comprehensive guidelines, procedures and policies in industry and public sector.

The management provides a solid foundation for facing the challenges of rapidly changing and highly competitive business environment, decision-making, organizing, leading, and controlling. Marketing is the epicenter of an organization’s strategic and operational life.


BBA (Hons.) degree 4 years and BBA 3 years classical programs guidelines. What you will learn with us:

  • During the course, students will learn through highly interactive classroom sessions and discussions, including the legal and finance aspects of distributor relationship. Our law courses are focused on trade laws and the courts system. In the areas of the business law students will learn, such as contracts, sales, commercial paper, agency and employment law, and antitrust law. The banking courses are concerned with money in the economic organization.
  • We stress on accounting and economics because accounting is the language of business and economics embodies the principles of business. Our accounting courses are designed to analyze, record, and report transactions for service, merchandising, and manufacturing businesses. We will provide basic working knowledge and principles to understanding the overview of economic problems, and strategic weakness.
  • Our courses are designed to cover every significant aspect of the subject. Theoretical education is followed by practical training in the form of an internship.
  • Students can complete BBA (Hons.) degree 4 year programs or accelerated program in 3 years, with specialization in their chosen fields. (With comprehensive research work). The popular subjects are Marketing and Digital Marketing, Banking & E-Commerce, General Management, Business Administration & Management, Finance & Accounting, International Relations & Communications, Relationship Management, Aviation Management and Retail & Operational Management.

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4 Years Study Plan for BBA (Hons. Degree)

1st year:

  • Principals in management
  • Business Policy and Strategy
  • Computer in Business 1
  • Introduction to Macro Economic System1 class per week
  • Languages : Business French
  • Languages: Business English
  • Organizational Development
  • Introduction to accounting 1
  • Essentials of financial Management week
  • Economic Analysis
  • Languages: Business French
  • Languages :Business English

2nd year:

  • Computer & Management Information System 2
  • Financial Accounting 2
  • Marketing
  • Cost Accounting
  • Languages : Business French
  • Languages: Business English
  • Globalization of Business
  • Strategic Management in Business Organization
  • Financial Accounting 3
  • Business Mathematics
  • Languages: French
  • Languages : English

3rd year:

  • Human resource Management
  • Business & society
  • Principals of Management
  • Operation Management
  • International Business Economics 2  
  • Languages: French
  • Languages : English
  • Business & Commercial Law
  • Global Issues &Organizational Psychology
  • Business Research Methodology
  • Principals of Macro Economics 3
  • International Money & Banking
  • Languages: French
  • Languages : English

4th year:

  • Human Resource Management 2
  • Business Forecasting
  • Advertising Fundamentals
  • Advanced Cost Accounting
  • Seminar in Finance
  • Languages: French
  • Languages : English

Final project:

  • Management of Small Business Enterprises
  • Compensation &Benefits Management
  • Internship& final project

6 month time for completing Research Project & final thesis with internship in any specializations field. 

Internship & Final Research

Foreign students are permitted to complete their final Research work and thesis in Switzerland and other countries.

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