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Doctor of Business Administration

Professional Assessment

As per the guidelines of the entire DBA curriculum, DBA students will complete two Professional Assessment case studies as part of their degree program. The assessments will take place in the form of two case studies and will provide an excellent opportunity for the students to conduct an in-depth research analysis on an assigned enterprise / company. Post successful completion of the research
analysis / proposal the candidates will receive a detailed assessment pertaining to their work that will contribute towards setting high standards to their academic work and any future coursework at the institute. The candidates are advised to abide the deadlines and must complete the first case analysis before starting their program and will complete the second case analysis towards the end of their case studies at our institute, IBMS in Geneva.

The DBA Dissertation

The final phase/element of the program includes in-depth research and writing a Doctoral Dissertation conducted under the supervision of an approved senior professor of Research. The Doctoral Dissertation will be a project which is both original and consistent to the current international business theories and practice catering to the needs of the student / candidate’s current and future professional endeavors. The demonstration of the student / candidate’s through understanding of how conceptual knowledge or academic theories applies in various specific contexts:
Graduation Requirements
In order to receive the DBA degree, the candidates are required to accomplish the following:
a) 21 Course Credits
b) 2 Professional Assessment Case Studies
c) 1 Doctoral Dissertation under the close supervision of a Senior Professor of Research and the Director of IBMS.

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Credit breakdown of IBMS/PHU DBA Degree

Below mentioned guidelines illustrate the details pertaining to the credit breakdown of the IBMS/PHU DBA degree curriculum: The online DBA program offers two options consisting of 61 semester hours including:

Option1: Dissertation

  • 45 hours of required DBA program/curriculum
  • 12 hours of dissertation courses
  • 3 hours of comprehensive exam and dissertation defense
  • 1 hour of student orientation course

Option2: Research Project

  • 48 hours of required DBA
  • 9 hours of project courses
  • 3 hours of comprehensive exam and research project defense
  • 1 hour of student orientation course
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