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Master Degree Programs

IBMS offers cutting-edge master’s degree programs that empower students with advanced knowledge and skills in their chosen fields. With expert faculty, innovative research opportunities, and a collaborative learning environment, our programs pave the way for successful careers and impactful contributions to various industries. Join us in shaping the future.


MBA-FinanceThe MBA Finance Program of IBMS focuses on knowledge and skills required by management professionals who plan to work for multinational and international corporations. It provides the students with a general management perspective and introduces them to the latest concepts and practices related to functional areas of management.

The substantive exposure to local and international management practices with a strong case-study orientation is a unique feature of the MBA Finance Program. In addition, the MBA Finance Program is structured in a flexible manner so that working executives can pursue this program without disturbing their careers.


MBA-MarketingProspective MBA Marketing candidates with a desire to attend an MBA program that is strong in the area of marketing must look at a number of things. Nearly every top business school will offer basic marketing courses and electives; however, for any student looking to focus their MBA in this area they must study the course options carefully.

IBMS School of Management is a highly competent in this area possess knowledge across a wide spectrum of marketing subjects, and offer a large variety of course and elective options. Marketing analytic, online marketing, marketing strategy, consumer behavior, brand management and international marketing are just some of the course titles offered at the schools featured in the report.



An MBA in General Management provides students with the management and leadership skills that will last throughout their career. MBA General Management prepares students for senior level management positions in a variety of businesses.

In addition to a comprehensive MBA program, an MBA in General Management degree will provide you with the skills to handle the complexities of managing people, including team working abilities, managerial goals and values, and how these skills are applied in the real world to manage businesses.


MBA-Business-AdministrationBusiness Administration professionals, in this new and exciting era have tremendous opportunities for worldwide careers that are both challenging and rewarding at the same time.  The IBMS’s MBA, Business Administration degree, provides the framework for professionals to understand this exciting and complex global business environment and specific knowledge for them to function effectively in their chosen area of interest.

The globalization of business is a reality experienced by every country in the world, but especially the US, and Europe where companies source raw materials, manufacture and sell all over the world. 


MBA Executive provides an opportunity for experienced professionals to obtain a master’s degree in Business Administration on a schedule that minimizes disruption of work and personal pursuits. Such programs include a cohort class structure that offers a lockstep, planned curriculum in an executive setting. In other words, members of each class begin the program at the same point, move through the curriculum together, and typically complete the degree requirements for graduation as a group.

Executive MBA (EMBA) students are required to complete their degrees in two years or less. During that period, they gain a wide range of new skills and sharpen their analytical abilities by combining coursework with day-to-day professional experience.


MBA-FlexiThe Full time MBA`s for those who can take a year out for study and want to extend their international perspective. The MBA program offered by the IBMS that specializes in Management studies. Taught by a faculty of experienced academics and industry practitioners, this MBA program aims to empower future global managers with the analytical, critical, market-relevant knowledge and competencies.

The part-time MBA`s 18 months program for students already holding a Bachelor or equivalent diploma with 5 years working experience. We organize study program, on student’s convenient time. Flexi MBA`s for busy professionals with Middle and upper level management experiences.


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