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MBA Business Administration

Masters in Business Administration

Business Administration professionals, in this new and exciting era have tremendous opportunities for worldwide careers that are both challenging and rewarding at the same time.  The IBMS’s MBA, Business Administration degree, provides the framework for professionals to understand this exciting and complex global business environment and specific knowledge for them to function effectively in their chosen area of interest.

The MBA in International Business degree is specifically designed for MBA students who are interested in international careers and how to function effectively as managers in a global environment in large international operations. Students will learn about business, trade, cultural, and management issues that differ across countries and regions of the world.


The globalization of business is a reality experienced by every country in the world, but especially the US, and Europe where companies source raw materials, manufacture and sell all over the world. The same is true for the services sector where all major financial and services institutions have operations in the major cities of the world.

Program and Courses

The MBA in International Business is a 39-58-credit program that provides students with knowledge and analytical skills in international business operations. The knowledge and skills taught in this degree are designed to prepare students for global careers in large business organizations.

Many of our esteemed faculty has also published articles in various international journals, also consultants with international organizations and sit on boards of international organizations that promote international business, trade relationships and research on international management.

Career Opportunities

Graduates in the international business area are employed in all sectors of the business world. These include financial services, manufacturing, retail, consulting, technology, human resources and other areas. International business graduates can look forward to international business opportunities as they grow with their organizations in the global environment today.

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MBA Program one year Full Time Classes and Six months final project and Internship


  • Workshop in negotiating
  • Management accounting
  • EC and Community Law 1
  • Finance Management


  • Business Ethics
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Principal of Marketing and Marketing Management
  • Market research and Corporate Strategy
  • Strategic Management in the Organization


  • Business Policy and Strategy
  • International Business and Commercial Law 2
  • Human Resource Management
  • Communication and Management
  • Re-engineering Management and Organization


  • Language : English and French
  • Internship for all MBA students – Full time or part time.
  • Research Project and Final Thesis

At the end of MBA program student can choose the Major in which he/she will specialize. In these days employer always searching employee with specialized degree and background profiles. IBMS`s can help students for their future Career and Professions.

Internship & Final Research

Foreign students are permitted to complete their final Research work and thesis in Switzerland and other countries.

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