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MBA Marketing

Masters in Business Administration

Prospective MBA Marketing candidates with a desire to attend an MBA program that is strong in the area of marketing must look at a number of things. Nearly every top business school will offer basic marketing courses and electives; however, for any student looking to focus their MBA in this area they must study the course options carefully.

IBMS School of Management is a highly competent in this area possess knowledge across a wide spectrum of marketing subjects, and offer a large variety of course and elective options. Marketing analytic, online marketing, marketing strategy, consumer behavior, brand management and international marketing are just some of the course titles offered at the schools featured in the report.


Other criteria to look out for when assessing MBA Marketing programs are the type of roles that employers are recruiting the candidate. There are marketing roles to be found in most multinational MBA recruiters, and so it is worth researching the amount of marketing-based roles that the previous class managed to secure.

Program and Courses

The MBA marketing in International Business and Marketing is a 39-58-credit program that provides students with knowledge and analytical skills in international business operations. The knowledge and skills taught in this degree are designed to prepare students for global careers in large business organizations.

For EMBA and Flexi MBA`s students

To accommodate the needs of employed students, the program is designed with variable course loads and conveniently scheduled late afternoon and evening classes. The IBMS also offers extended hours for many administrative offices to serve its working students.

The MBA in International Business and Marketing degree is offered at the Geneva City downtown campus, located in the center of the city’s financial district, just a few minutes from UNO office and near the headquarters of multinational companies and banks.

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MBA Program one year Full Time Classes and Six months final project and Internship


  • Workshop in negotiating
  • Management accounting
  • EC and Community Law 1
  • Finance Management


  • Business Ethics
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Principal of Marketing and Marketing Management
  • Market research and Corporate Strategy
  • Strategic Management in the Organization


  • Business Policy and Strategy
  • International Business and Commercial Law 2
  • Human Resource Management
  • Communication and Management
  • Re-engineering Management and Organization


  • Language : English and French
  • Internship for all MBA students – Full time or part time.
  • Research Project and Final Thesis

At the end of MBA program student can choose the Major in which he/she will specialize. In these days employer always searching employee with specialized degree and background profiles. IBMS`s can help students for their future Career and Professions.

Internship & Final Research

Foreign students are permitted to complete their final Research work and thesis in Switzerland and other countries.

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