IBMS – Institute of Business & Management Sciences – Geneva, Switzerland.

Principal's Message

“Management education in Swaziland has been undergoing considerable change in the decade, and IBMS (school of higher education) has been in the forefront to that change. The IBMS (School of Higher Education) is offering from 2010 an integrating MBA`s Degrees in many specializations fields and the BBA (hons) Degrees, which may be linked to career program. In addition, there is a pre-Diplomas program for less qualified and experiences management people.

We have no doubt that, if you will choose to study at the IBMS in Geneva, the MBA, EMBA, and Flexi MBA, programs will one which you will enjoy. You can study part-time or full time.

Why we are confident that you will enjoy the courses?

Because our high academic standards with a course that is practical and relevant for the business decision maker.

Because we are small and with small classes. They do not normally exceed more than fifteen students. This allows us personalized and individual treatment for all.

There is a high degree of interaction involved in the case study approach. This gives the opportunities to students to share experiences with other from diverse backgrounds.

The IBMS is committed to excellence in both teaching and research. This gives all students, including those on the MBA and BBA courses, the opportunity to search for truth, to pursue their studies with regular and to work in an atmosphere of intellectual freedom atmospheres.

Dear student, we hope that when you will read the IBMS brochure, you will elect to study in IBMS in Geneva, and in due course join the growing brand of MBA, EMBA, BBA (hons) degree programs. Enrich your professional lives and influence the communities in which you live.”


IBMS – Geneva  

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